Bookshop – January 2021

Unfortunately due to the new lockdown our bookshop is closed once again!

The good news is ‘click and collect’ is now available!

Government guidance states that sales activity can be conducted remotely, so if you have an idea of which authors or subjects you might be interested in or perhaps you’d like a DVD to watch, then we can browse for you and arrange for online payments!

We are still here arranging, preparing and delivering meals to our elderly customers.

So please contact Wendy at or 02392 210048 for more information.

Meals on Wheels from The Hub  – January 2021

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic Portchester Community Association has in line with government restrictions , closed all our usual weekly groups. However, in a bid to continue to help the local community, we are currently providing a “meals on wheels” service for as many of our members and local residents as we possibly can. It is just £3 per meal, with a menu ranging from roast dinner to fish pie to sausage and mash, cooked fresh every day, although our menu may change slightly due to availability of supplies. 

During our first week we delivered just twenty dinners, but requests increased rapidly, and since 16th March 2020 we have now delivered over 5000 dinners, including 32 full Christmas Dinners!  Our chef and volunteer drivers are amazing, delivering in all weathers and the whole operation is  being co-ordinated by our manager Cheryl. We would like to thank St. Mary’s church for the loan of a hot cupboard and a donation towards obtaining our own and all those who have given us donations to keep this invaluable service going. We have also been successful in obtaining a grant from the ASDA foundation which will be put towards the costs of providing the free Christmas dinners.  

If you or a family member needs help during this difficult time please give us a call on our main line number 023 92 210048 or drop us a line via the email as we are working with several other organisations including Acts of Kindness, One Community and Community First.

Stay safe everyone from the PCA team.